Monday, December 7, 2015

Research Blog #8: Interview or Primary Source Material

I have chose to review the talk shows that my friend, Madison Holleran's, family had the pleasure to go on to talk about Madison's suicide. I chose this instead of interviewing someone for two main reasons: one being that suicide and depression is very hard to talk about and two because I felt being that it is very personal it was not right for me to ask question and then post it on here. I also found that because I was close to Madison and I know her family and have read most articles and seen almost very video made for or about her it would be interesting to be able to touch on that in my paper. Knowing Madison to be a personable and bubbly person it was heartbreaking to hear of her passing. No one would ever see her without a smile plastered on her face or laughing her way down the hallways or through town. After learning about her suicide, many were afraid that by talking about her death would cause others to see this as a positive. Her fame after her death is not something people were trying to promote, but instead to be a way to start having an open conversation for this touching topic.

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